American Psychiatric

A voice
for the mind

The American Psychiatric Foundation needed to refresh their brand to reflect a new focus on research, and to generate more support.

As the philanthropic arm of the American Psychiatric Association, the Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and educate the public about mental illness in an effort to eliminate the stigma associated with it.


A systematic approach

We created a flexible system for the various types of reports and publications that the Foundation distributes. Templates had to enact the brand, and be flexible enough for APF’s internal team to produce materials easily with new content, illustration, or even photography provided from their membership.


A case
for support

In addition to designing the brand, Propellor was asked to create a brochure to help raise capital from some of APF’s largest donors.

The project highlighted the importance of every dollar raised, the effect of mental illness on people at home and at work, and how raising awareness is the key to breaking down stigma.


Entering the workplace

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health is a project of the Foundation that promotes a business case for quality mental health care for workers.

Propellor was asked to redesign the project’s identity, using the new APF brand as a base. We incorporated a similar style of photography and image usage, and redesigned the Partnership logo with the signature “P” and customized typeface.

Additional Work