Chevy Chase Trust

A story behind every investment

If you ever meet a Chevy Chase Trust advisor, you’ll understand that they have a different investment philosophy. Instead of talking about stocks, bonds, or the front page of the Journal, they’re talking about natural resources, urbanization, and aging demographics (among other things).

So, when Chevy Chase Trust asked Propellor to rejuvenate the brand, we felt it important to bring their unique ideas to the forefront. Investing in themes that impact businesses worldwide is at the heart of their firm, and now, at the head of their brand.

Global themes

We helped Chevy Chase Trust explain their investment ideas through a series of stories with unique headlines and bold visuals. Natural resources, the aging population, and urbanization are just a few of the stories we helped them to tell.


An independent perspective

Part of what makes Chevy Chase unique, is their independence. Being privately owned, and not beholden to shareholders or benchmarks, allows them freedom to think about investing differently. Propellor helped them educate their clients on how free thinking can influence investing.


A quiet

Financial statements are a necessary form of communication between a wealth manager and their clients. So, it was important to make sure that these detailed pieces had a quiet sophistication to balance out the bold visuals and unique headlines of the stories.

Stationery and invitations were also designed to retain the same quiet elegance.

Chevy Chase Trust was voted #1 in Forbes’ Top 100 Wealth Management Companies

Additional Work