Tiny glass,
big idea

A small startup, called Glass Processing Solutions, figured out how to keep 9 million tons of glass out of our landfills by creating tiny grains of silica that industrial markets could use as building material.

Roads, buildings, fiberglass, filtration—new uses were being discovered at every turn. Propellor was asked to help with naming, strategic planning, and a visual identity to help get the company off the ground.

Name & logo

The Sioneer mark is made up of three elements: the name Sioneer, the compound SiO2, and the recycle symbol.

The name Sioneer is derived from “Pioneering in Amorphous Silica (SiO2)”—the industrial feedstock by-product of Sioneer’s patented recycling process.


Icon system

In raising seed funding for the idea, Sioneer often had 6 minutes or less to give a presentation. Propellor developed a visual language of icons to quickly communicate the benefits of the new recycling process.


“The creativity behind the name Sioneer was extraordinary, and our brand & visual presentations have been very well received by customers and potential Investors.”

Doug Jackson, Sioneer CEO

Additional Work