Teaching Strategies

You & i together

The Teaching Strategies team was ready to launch their online assessment and planning applications—GOLD 2.0™ and GOLD plus™. These applications quickly and easily help teachers plan their curriculum for an entire class, have the flexibility to customize lessons for each student, and assess an individual on the fly—allowing instruction to meet every child at their level of need.

We helped Teaching Strategies with an integrated campaign to build excitement around the new applications, and let teachers know that—together—we can tailor instruction to meet the needs of every child.

I is for…

Individualized instruction. Inspired imagination. Instant integration. These are the tools every early childhood educator needs to effectively teach their children. We created the mantra “You & i together” that connected teachers to the tools they need and united them with Teaching Strategies in the goal to meet the needs of each child at any level.


Master brand

Teaching Strategies’ print version of GOLD™ was widely used in the industry, and it was anticipated that the online applications would be even more popular. It was important to ensure that GOLD™ didn’t overshadow the Teaching Strategies brand itself. Therefore, we recommended a lockup of the Teaching brand with two new product logos. The hummingbird and monarch images are used as icons that harken back to the Teaching Strategies master brand.


A guided tour

As part of the campaign, we developed an online benefits tour of the applications. Highlighted were modules that show how educators can individualize instruction, switch seamlessly between teaching and assessment, stay on top of milestones, plan their curriculum, and integrate media from partner Sesame Street into their lesson plans.


You & items

Along with campaign materials, Propellor designed promotional giveaway items to generate excitement around the applications at trade shows and other events.

Additional Work