Learning to fly
(or float)

Zero-G’s weightless experience is a truly unique offering—perhaps too unique. Potential customers didn’t understand how they were going to achieve weightlessness, and had other questions, too. To help, Propellor developed an information graphic and brochure to quickly explain the experience and what their customers could expect on their journey.

We also designed boarding passes, and business cards unique to the industries that Zero-G serves.


Not just fun
and games

In addition to the Adventure program, Zero-G offers other services like: training NASA astronauts, conducting scientific experiments, or even filming commercials or scenes for motion pictures. We created a set of business cards for Zero-G employees with alternate backs that could speak to whichever audience they might be engaging.

“The graphics that Propellor created for our brochures significantly decreased the amount of time I spend explaining the Zero-G Experience® to potential clients. The brochure illustrates our service and captivates viewers, increasing their immediate interest.”

Krysta Cossit, Zero-G Director of Sales

Additional Work